About Us

Green Eye Coop is dedicated to sustainability, food security, and community-based education.

Social Engagement

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Green Eye Coop promotes participation in group learning and sharing activities, strengthening community and creating an environment of acceptance and education. With our focus on environment, community and food security – we are creating a revolution.


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Green Eye Coop offers opportunities to share the lessons of past generations and innovations anew, so that our communities may support and sustain us. We are constantly in search of innovative ways to maintain and use what we have in our communities.


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Green Eye Coop coordinates workshops that are hands-on, providing a forum for sharing ideas, so that we may all have a role to contributing to the prosperity of our community. We are a community that is growing from the outside in, having begun in rural areas, and now spreading and growing in suburban and urban centres of New Brunswick.

If you have a skill to share with your community or want to learn more about what we do, contact green eye to discuss opportunities.

Green Eye Coop creates opportunities for social engagement to encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles and communities by coordinating hand-on workshop, learning opportunities, bulk purchasing, and more.

Green Eye Coop events are facilitated by community members, like you, who have skills and experiences to share. Business owners who want to connect with new clients by promoting their services or techniques and hobbyists/makers who want to take things to the next level by developing a clientele and gaining exposure.

We currently are seeking opportunities for workshops:

  • Gardening (building accessible raised garden beds, seed saving, pollinator gardens, and permaculture theory)
  • Foraging (wild food and medicine, wild mushroom walk)
  • Solar (solar oven, solar furnace, solar water heater)
  • Skills (bee keeping, cob oven, soap making)
  • Community Kitchen (dehydrating, canning, culture, lacto-fermentation)

New events are being added regularly. Stay up to date by joining our mailing list!