Tool Library

With all of these activities on the go, we accumulate quite a bit of equipment. But when it’s not in use, we don’t want to have it collecting dust, we want you to be able to practice your new skills. We will soon be launching our tool library with various partners.



Valuing Food Incubator

With the combination of our partners, tools and skills, we are incubating opportunities for entrepreneurship and self-employment.

In 2016, Working with Farmers and Foodbanks, we put our Master Food Preserver and Food Mentor skills to work.  In partnership with the town of Riverview we are creating a New Brunswick local brand of value-added goods. This will help farmers add more variety to the goods they are able to offer, as well as extending the shelf-life of food bank donations to supplement their needs during higher demand.

We are excited about the evolution of this project and the various partners we have been working with on many levels.




In partnership with the City of Moncton and the Africamani Cultural Community Garden, Green Eye Coop will be developing a water catchment project that will help the garden provide culturally appropriate opportunities as the space grows to include food production from Greater Moncton’s diverse multicultural community.


 Mirror is a tool to promote activities, community information, citizen engagement, access to recreation, health and public services, for the Upper Petitcodiac River Valley. Tell us how you want it to work for you by telling us what you would Expect, Love, Like from the platform and where you would like to see it.

Link to feedback form:

This website is designed to display only, we plan to have it available in public areas very soon. If you would like to advertise or have an event you would like added, please contact us at:


Moncton Park Gardens

Green Eye Coop has installed raised bed planters in several play parks in the city. These planters will serve as an activity that park staff can engage the neighborhood children in through the season. This project will also serve as a pilot to increase the number of community gardens and publicly accessible, local food, throughout the city of Moncton.


In partnership with the YMCA we will be training summer staff to get the most out of the raised garden beds during their summer parks program.


Carbon Foot Print Tool

We are continuing to develop a tool to assess the economic and environmental impact of our current import based food model versus producing and buying local. Once we have developed a more user friendly format, this tool and our findings will be made publicly available as soon as it is complete.



Asset map

During the development of our Carbon Foot Print tool, Farmers market, and along with our various partners, we will are mapping out local food resources. We will be displaying a map of local food resources in this location shortly. We hope you will help to contribute to our Asset Map. You can send information on any markets, retailers, community gardens, farms and farm gate vendors by filling out this link:

Petitcodiac Community Garden

Over the years Green Eye has implemented a number of projects at the Petitcodiac Community Garden. In the past we have built accessible raised garden beds, planted a pollinator garden, and a food forest as well as numerous workshops. We have constructed a cob oven and erected a Yurt, for community use.

This project will increase community capacity to gather around food and share their knowledge and skills, leading to a more food secure and sustainable community.

Petitcodiac Farmers Market

The Petitcodiac Farmers Market has successfully branched off and is now run by the vendors who have incorporated their own cooperative.



School Food

Working with various partners we are capturing the story of schools and student access to nutritious food and food skills. We have completed an assessment of the City of Moncton’s schools so that they may address issues of food security.


Seed Library

In partnership with the Moncton, Salisbury and Petitcodiac Public Libraries, we have established seed libraries to help communities gain access to the resources and community you need to grow your own food.



Dear Green Eye,

My name is Nicole Odishaw and I am the playground leader at Creek Village playground at 40 Pleasant St. We have had great success with our garden this summer. I was so excited when I heard about this innovative idea to have a garden that the whole community could use. We started out by buying some extra soil and getting some carrots, beans, peas, radish and tomatoes to plant. One of the parents was very knowledgeable about gardening and helped teach the children and myself how to properly plant and maintain the garden. Everyday I give out the task to different children to help water the garden. They are very enthusiastic about it. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn about gardening and to be able to pass along my knowledge to other. The garden has been a great way to get the kids to come to the park everyday to help water it. The garden has grown so much already. The kids are very excited to enjoy the vegetables at the end of summer.