Master Food Preserver


The Master Food Preserver Program extends research-based information about home food safety and preservation to the public.

Green Eye Cooperative Ltd, is working to bring the success and passion of the US Master Food Preserver program to Canada.

We are adapting the program currently offered only in the United States, where the Master Food Preserver Program is a public service and outreach program under the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources administered locally by participating UC Cooperative Extension county offices.

“The UC Master Food Preserver Program is an example of an effective partnership between the UC Division and passionate volunteers. In exchange for extensive training on home food preservation from the University, UC Master Food Preservers offer volunteer services and outreach to the general public in 19 California counties. Last year 363 active UC Master Food Preservers donated more than 20,996 volunteer hours!”

Master Food Preservers will extend Green Eye Cooperative’s education and outreach in food security, to enhance the skills and resources in their communities.

Do you enjoy the art and science of food preservation? Would you like to develop expertise in food preservation? Consider becoming a Master Food Preserver.

What do Master Food Preservers (MPFs) do?

MFPs work as local food safety and preservation resources in their communities. They conduct workshops and demonstrations for groups and organizations, and test pressure canner gauges at workshops and demonstrations.  They present workshops, staff information booths and present demonstrations at network events, festivals, produce stands, farmer’s markets, home shows, and wellness expos – the list is endless!
Green Eye Coop’s Master Food Preservation/Food Safety (MFP) certification class will begin June 13, 2017!

Certification in the program requires completion of an 11 week food preservation/food safety training class with hands-on training, a weekly test, a group presentation with demonstration and a final written exam.


About the program:

The Master Food Preserver Program is open to individuals looking to increase community knowledge in home food preservation methods. Applicants for the Master Food Preserver Program must be willing to share knowledge and skills learned from certification training through local community outreach. Prior food preservation knowledge is not a requirement; willingness to teach others is.


Examples of community outreach from Master Food Preservers:  

  • Classes and workshops
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Festivals and events
  • Websites and blogs
  • Print and digital media

How Master Food Preservers make a difference:

  • Teach safe food preservation methods in local communities
  • Share knowledge about preserving fresh and healthy produce
  • Prevent botulism in home canning
  • Promote research-based methods of food handling and food preparation


Master Food Preserver Training Courses

Once accepted into the Master Food Preserver program, applicants will receive more than 35 hours of training over the course of 11 weeks from Certified Master Food Preserver Trainers.

Training topics include:

  • Food safety
  • Equipment
  • Water bath and pressure canning
  • Canning jams and jellies
  • High acid foods
  • Low acid foods
  • Pickling
  • Dehydration
  • Freezing and refrigeration
  • Teaching and program implementation

Master Food Preservers are required to volunteer a minimum number of hours in the first year and each year subsequently.  Master Food Preservers must complete a minimum number of hours of continuing education per year, starting their second year.

As members of TimeBank NB, Master Food Preserver volunteer hours will be redeemable for services offered by other members of TimeBank NB, including workshops which count toward continuing education.

Registration is $500. Fees cover all equipment, books and learning materials. *

Click here to complete the application form.


*Sliding scale and payment options are available upon request.

Master Food Preserver Participants