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Sackville TimeBank Orientation

     We welcome any interested people to an in-person Orientation to TimeBanking in New Brunswick. Come meet other local people interested in developing an alternative economy based on “time credits”, and engage in a Q&A with our new TimeBank NB membership coordinator, Darlene! We will cover topics like the fundamentals of the TimeBank system, as well as find out how to use the software that is at the core of posting ads and tracking “time credits”. Let’s get inspired to be part of creating our TimeBank New Brunswick!

It will take place at the Sackville Commons from 6:30-8PM on July 26th.

****Please bring a laptop or tablet so you can experience the software yourself. The Internet will be available. (Data phones are possible as an alternative, however, laptops or tablets are preferred)

For individuals to share and bank time, for organizations to compensate volunteers or get people to donate hours to their organization. $5 annual membership for TimeBank for administration, but after that, there is no money exchanged, this is for future years not this year. you have to attend an orientation to become a member.


For additional information, please watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB8ifVJ34JU

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