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Meet the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance!

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) is a proud partner of Green Eye Cooperative working within the Petitcodiac River watershed in Southeastern NB (www.petitcodiacwatershed.org). Since 1997, the PWA has used three pillars to guide all decisions and actions: Community, Education, and Science.

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We are an environmentally-minded registered charity that focuses mainly on river restoration, water quality and species-at-risk monitoring. We’ve worked with the endangered Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, and other COSEWIC-listed species such as the American eel, Wood turtle, and striped bass.

Over the years, we’ve restored many kilometers of aquatic habitat by planting thousands of trees throughout the watershed and assessing/remediating culverts for fish passage. We’re proud stewards in our community, and strive to show residents what a dynamic and biologically rich environment they live in.

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